About Us

The owners are excited to welcome you!

India is a country made up of twenty nine states and is known for its diversity of exotic foods and many religions. Each state speaks a different dialect. The food, the dress code, the culture and the landscape vary when you travel the length breadth of the country. India is also known for its extensive richness in spices and herbs, which are not only used for cooking, because these spices and herbs are used for ancient ayurvedic medicinal purposes that are practiced still today.

Here at Taste of India we cook various styles of food. We specialize in Northern cooking, which is characterized by the uses of various gravies, infused with a wide variety of aromatic spices and herbs to create perfection. At our establishment we make our own home-made cottage cheese and yogurt. We prepare various flavors lassi, complimentary with Indian foor, as they assist with digestion. India is also known for its wide variety of Indian sweets that are a very important part of Indian culture. Indian sweets are always associated with very happy occasions, such as weddings, births of children, festivals and many other religious ceremonies.

An Indian meal is never complete without dessert!!

Experience our lunch buffet Mon-Fri from 11-3pm.

We welcome, and take pride and pleasure in serving, our patrons authentic Indian food to make their dining experience a memorable and everlasting one. Come and experience the exotic food we prepare with passion and an excitement to share our culture. Consider yourself welcomed with open arms here at Taste of India.