About Us

The Owner and his Chefs welcome you!

India is known for its diversity and exotic foods. It is a culture that is popular for having a number of Hindu societies that practice vegetarianism. Indian cuisine consists of various dishes that are characterized by the extensive Indian spices and herbs. From Region to Region each culture includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques.

Here at Taste of India we cook various styles of food. We specialize in Northern cooking, which is characterized by its thick gravies. Each gravy has it’s unique blend of spices. Most commonly used spices are Haldi (Tumeric Powder), different types of chilies, garam masala, saffron, milk, homemade yogurt, paneer (homemade cottage cheese) Ghee (clarified butter) and numerous types of nuts. Some of the Indian spices are used as home medicine. Such as tumeric powder combined with pure honey is used in many households to suppress common colds. Ajwin and jeera is used when one has an upset stomach, and to help the digestive system. These are a few examples of how Indian spices are used in cooking and as medicine in many households.

Experience our lunch buffet Mon-Fri from 11-3pm.

At our establishment, we have an assortment of Lassis’ (yogurt drink). Lassis’ come in many flavors such as sweet, salted, rose, and fresh mango. They are a great compliment with Indian food. Not to mention any authentic Indian meal would be incomplete without homemade Rich sweets. Here at taste of India we have a wide range of sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Kheer, saffron pistachio ice cream and many more.

Come and experience the exotic food we prepare with passion and an excitement to share our culture. Consider yourself welcomed with open arms here at Taste of India.